A few years back, Milwaukee launched a line of sockets and ratchets covering 1/4″ and 3/8″ drives. Then, Milwaukee expanded the lineup to include 1/2″ drives, including a couple of breaker bars. Now, the Milwaukee mechanics tools lineup has been fleshed out even further with Extended Handle Ratchets and Stubby Ratchet models.

Milwaukee Extended Handle Ratchets and Stubby Ratchets

The Milwaukee line of mechanics tools now offers even better accessibility into tighter spaces with two new handle designs for the ratchet collection. You can now pick up Milwaukee ratchets with extended and/or stubby handles.

Milwaukee Mechanics Tools stubby and extended handle ratchets

Like the existing line of Milwaukee ratchets, the Stubby and Extended Handle Ratchets feature a 90-tooth design that works with a 4º arc swing. The reduced arc swing, along with the slim profile head and flush directional lever help with getting into tighter spots.

All of the new ratchet models feature all-chrome finishes for better corrosion resistance and easier cleaning. Milwaukee backs each of these hand tools with a Lifetime Guarantee.

You can expect these new ratchets to hit stores beginning in March.

  • 48-22-9005 – 1/4″ Drive 9″ Extended Handle Ratchet – $39.99
  • 48-22-9037 – 3/8″ Drive 12″ Extended Handle Ratchet – $49.99
  • 48-22-9050 – 1/2″ Drive 18″ Extended Handle Ratchet – $69.99
  • 48-22-9003 – 1/4″ Drive 3″ Stubby Ratchet – $24.99
  • 48-22-9036 – 3/8″ Drive 5″ Stubby Ratchet – $34.99

Milwaukee Wrench Sets

The Milwaukee mechanics tools lineup also includes a variety of wrench sets that come in both your combination and ratcheting varieties.

Milwaukee mechanics tools wrenches

All of the Milwaukee Wrench Sets in the mechanics tools lineup feature the Max Bite open-end grip. This design improves your grip on nuts and bolts while reducing rounding and stripping. The Max Bite design also provides 25% more torque than your standard wrench. The I-Beam handle design really lets you crank down comfortably.

Milwaukee has included ink-filled size labels for easy identification, and each set comes in a tray for better organization and long-term storage.

  • 48-22-9406 – 7pc SAE Ratcheting Wrench Set – $129
  • 48-22-9407 – 7pc SAE Combination Wrench Set – $69
  • 48-22-9506 – 7pc Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set – $129
  • 48-22-9507 – 7pc Metric Combination Wrench Set – $69
  • 48-22-9415 – 15pc SAE Combination Wrench Set – $129
  • 48-22-9515 – 15pc Metric Combination Wrench Set – $129
  • 48-22-9416 – 15pc SAE Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set – $249.97
  • 48-22-9516 – 15pc Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set – $249.97

Milwaukee Pry Bars

Milwaukee’s 4-piece Pry Bar Set fleshes out the line of mechanics tools even further. They feature an I-beam design that provides up to 40% more prying strength. Milwaukee has designed them with an all-metal core and built-in strike caps. Each of the pry bars comes with a comfortable tri-lobe handle. A chrome finish keeps the pry bars free from corrosion.

The Milwaukee Pry Bar 4-Piece Tool Set comes in an easy-access storage tray that offers organized storage for the tools. The pry bars also come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • 48-22-9214 – 4-Piece Pry Bar Set – $69

Milwaukee Breaker Bars

The Milwaukee mechanics tools lineup also includes two breaker bars. Both have 1/2″ drive shafts with steel alloy construction. A 180º swivel head lets you work from multiple angles. The handles feature a comfortable design, while a chrome plating keeps these breaker bars durable and free from corrosion.

One of the Milwaukee Breaker Bars measures 15″, while the other adds even more length at 24″. Both carry Milwaukee’s Lifetime Warranty.

  • 48-22-9011 Milwaukee 15″ Breaker Bar – $39.99
  • 48-22-9013 Milwaukee 24″ Breaker Bar – $49.99

Milwaukee Hook and Pick Set

The Milwaukee Hook and Pick Set includes a straight pick, offset hook, hook, and 90º hook. Each piece features an all-metal core that increases these tools’ durability. They are chrome-plated for rust protection. The handles feature precision knurling to give you better control over your work.

Milwaukee Mechanics Tools hook set

The Milwaukee Hook and Pick Set comes in an easy access storage tray that keeps the set organized in your tool chest. Like the pry bars, Milwaukee guarantees this set with a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • 48-22-9215 – 4pc Hook and Pick Set – $16.97

Milwaukee Ratchet and Socket Sets

All of the Milwaukee Ratchet and Socket Sets in the mechanics tools lineup share the same design features, so you’ll enjoy the same level of thoughtful workmanship in any of the various drive sizes or configurations.

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