I just noticed this has over 3k reviews already, but I already wrote it.

I wanted a small dependable LED flashlight for use around the house and yard. Didn’t need anything fancy or super powerful, and didn’t want to pay much. My only requirements: a thumbswitch instead of the rear off/on that’s so common, and at least partially rubber-covered. That narrows down the field of choices, but this one seemed to fit the bill.

It’s not the most powerful but after 6 months it’s still on the set of batteries it came with. The beam is fine for my usage, several times per week but for short periods, like checking a sprinkler, a closet, walking to the mailbox, etc. I haven’t given it a waterproof test because that term is thrown around too easily. I used to scuba dive and these are not the kind we used. I will say it’s definitely *resistant*, and the Kelvin temperature is on the cool side.

I like the size, and the thought in design. The non-slip rubber around the lens prevents rolling around and a cushioned base for standing up. A bit chubbier than the typical 3AA battery size but light in weight, with rubberized hand grip as well. For the price you can never have enough rubber or LED flashlights.

Bonus feature that I like: carabineer clip on the end. It’s always hanging up where I’ll find it.

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